Dog food bursting with nutrition, taste, and love

The bond we have with our dogs is unlike any other. We care, nurture and want to do the best for them in every way, always.

It was the unbreakable bond that Marie Jones, Founder of Billy + Margot and Certified Nutritionist, had with her dogs that drove her to create an array of unique recipes with delicious and carefully selected ingredients - each of them packed with protein and superfoods for maximum health and vitality. Every product should also bring your dog happiness.

Marie Jones
Founder + Certified Nutritionist

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The Circle of Nutrition

The Circle of Nutrition is a flexible approach to feeding super nutritious and great tasting food. You can use it to explore different tastes, texture and formats, while knowing that every product in the range is delivering the nutrition they need.

It is developed to give you the confidence in feeding, no matter what you choose from the Billy + Margot range, whether it be dry, wet, treats, chilled, or frozen - your dog is getting the nutrition they need and the taste they deserve. / Keep reading

Natural with added vitamins and minerals
Protein rich
Superfood blend
0% grains
Complete & Balanced

Protein-rich + bursting with superfoods

Billy + Margot has an array of recipes across a range of formats including dry, wet, treats and frozen. Each packed with proteins and superfoods to give your dog natural nutrition to provide maximum every day vitality and health.

Every ingredient, in every product is carefully selected to ensure that it is delivering the nutritional needs of your dog. Each product is also grain free to assist with their natural digestion and allow them to better absorb nutrients.

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