Trade Enquiries


To trade customers:

If you are interested in becoming a stockist for Billy + Margot, please email or call us on 02392 633 855 and we will send you our trade prices, product details and information on how to start a trade account.

Please let us know if you are interested in:

  • Freezer deal *please note we are currently not running the freezer deal.
  • Iced treats
  • Venison treats
  • Popcorn
  • Training Biscuits
  • Accessories

Suppliers Resources

A passion for Healthy living

At Billy + Margot we understand the lifelong bond between your customers and their pets. We know pet owners give treats because of the joyful moments they create.  We have strived to develop healthy, nutritious and beneficial treats without any compromises. We also know that dog owners are becoming more discerning when it comes to feeding their pets. For this reason we felt it was important for our retailers to know and understand what our products were made of and we are offering a FREE training guide.

Our training guide and voluntary test enable you to learn more about:

  • Understanding ingredients and health benefits
  • Dog’s health and nutrition
  • Building confidence when talking about a product
  • Generating more sales from talking to customers about a product

The test can now be done online and all successful applicants will receive a certificate.