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Created with love, passion and expertise by canine nutritionist and dog parent, Marie Jones.

Billy + Margot® is a range of wholesome, grain-free dog food, designed by renowned nutritionist and proud dog parent, Marie Jones. Packed with quality protein as well as superfoods and holistic ingredients, each Billy + Margot® product is specifically designed to cater for your dog’s complex dietary needs, as well as to offer fantastic flavor and texture your dog will love.

What goes into our products?

Single Animal Protein Dry Food

Animal protein satisfies and nourishes dogs in a way that nothing else can. This protein-packed dry dog food has only one type of animal protein in the recipe, and is based on the 70/30/0 principle of 70% fresh or raw meat, 30% superfood and holistic ingredients, and 0% grains. Our dry dog food products are ideal for food-sensitive dogs, and those who love the great taste of animal protein.

Wild Dry Food

These products include fresh or raw wild meat, including wild kangaroo and wild boar, to give dogs the exciting flavors and diverse nutrition they need. This protein-packed dry dog food is based on the 70/30/0 principle of 70% fresh or raw meat, 30% superfood and holistic ingredients, and 0% grains. These products also have the added goodness of fruits, vegetables and superfoods.

Wet Food

Available in cans and pouches, our wet food range includes a selection of unique recipes with delicious and carefully selected ingredients – each packed with high quality protein and superfoods such as sweet potato, coconut oil, blueberries, flaxseeds and Manuka honey, for health and vitality.

Dental Treats

Our Dental Treats are grain-free and designed to promote complete oral hygiene. The unique fruit flavors provide an enticing flavor, while the two different sized sticks are specially crafted to best suit the size of your dog.

Iced Treats

Our fun, fruity Iced Treats are a great way to reward good behavior, keep your dog cool and refreshed on hot days, and help you enrich the strong bond you have with your dog. Licking this treat straight from the tub releases endorphins, which can mean a happier, calmer dog. Completely dairy-free, they include nutrient-dense superfoods such as coconut oil, flaxseed oil, and aloe vera gel, to support your dog’s overall health and vitality.

Treats Plus

These fun, tasty treats are a great way to reward good behavior, and help you enrich the bond you have with your dog. Made from natural ingredients and free from grains, they have a fun plus shape which adds variety and fun to your dog’s diet. You can break them up for training treats, or give them to your dog whole for a more substantial reward.

Chilled Rolls

Packed with protein, nutritionally complete, and ready to serve straight from the fridge, these rolls are a great way to add taste, texture and nutrient-dense ingredients into your dog’s diet. Our rolls are all gently steamed, which means the core ingredients remain bursting with nutrients. They can be used as a topper, a complete meal, or a treat. You simply remove from the pack, dice, and serve.


Fresh or rawMeat promise
{Made with 2 to 3 times the pack weight of fresh/raw meat}
Joy loves her Billy and Margot® superfoods! She is nearly 3 years old and I have recently started feeding her Billy + Margot® food. She used to be picky with her food and would sometimes leave bits lying around without eating them. This behaviour has definitely changed when I introduced her to some of the Billy + Margot® products such as the Lamb dry superfoods. I'm also pretty happy to see her loving proper quality food.
Joy + Mina
We first tried Billy & Margot® kibble for Wesley after we read about the quality ingredients. His favourite is the Salmon blend. We’ve since tried Iced Treats - for special occasions! It’s important to know that he is getting the right nutrition that he needs.
Wesley + Sophie
Both dogs love Billy + Margot®, they always wait by the bag at Dinner time and never leave a scrap in their bowls. Their absolute favorite!
Remi + Toffee + Daniele