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What is the Circle of Nutrition?

The Billy + Margot® Circle of Nutrition is a handy tool developed by our founder, Marie Jones. It can help you create a diet for your dog that is complete, nutritionally balanced and enjoyable. Use this circle to understand the role of each type of food, explore different tastes, textures and formats for feeding time, and see how all of the different products within the Billy + Margot® range work together.


So our dogs
Don't get bored
Different food types
Provide different benefits

Created with love, passion and expertise by canine nutritionist and dog parent, Marie Jones.

Every product within the Billy + Margot® range has been carefully and expertly designed by renowned nutritionist and proud dog parent, Marie Jones. It was Marie’s special and unbreakable bond with her Labradors, Billy and Margot, that led her to create these unique recipes with delicious and carefully selected ingredients – each of them packed with protein and superfoods for maximum health and vitality.

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