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Give your dog a diet filled with nutritional and tasty food formats made with premium proteins + superfoods

The bond we have with our dogs is unlike any other. We care, nurture and want to do the best for them in every way, always. As a canine nutritionist, it was my special unbreakable bond with my Labradors, Billy and Margot®, that drove me to create an array of unique recipes with delicious and carefully selected ingredients – each of them packed with protein and superfoods for maximum health and vitality. I also want every product to bring my dogs happiness... it’s the least I can do for all the joy they give me every day.

Marie Jones
Founder + Certified Nutritionist

The Circle of Nutrition

Dogs naturally enjoy variety and diversity. Our Circle of Nutrition can help you choose different products and formats to ensure your dog’s diet is as enjoyable and nutritious as possible. This tool can help you learn about the role of each format within the Billy + Margot® range, and explore different tastes, textures and formats at feeding time.

Joy loves her Billy and Margot® superfoods! She is nearly 3 years old and I have recently started feeding her Billy + Margot® food. She used to be picky with her food and would sometimes leave bits lying around without eating them. This behaviour has definitely changed when I introduced her to some of the Billy + Margot® products such as the Lamb dry superfoods. I'm also pretty happy to see her loving proper quality food.
Joy + Mina
We first tried Billy & Margot® kibble for Wesley after we read about the quality ingredients. His favourite is the Salmon blend. We’ve since tried Iced Treats - for special occasions! It’s important to know that he is getting the right nutrition that he needs.
Wesley + Sophie
Both dogs love Billy + Margot®, they always wait by the bag at Dinner time and never leave a scrap in their bowls. Their absolute favorite!
Remi + Toffee + Daniele