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Frequently asked questions

About Billy + Margot®
Q: How did Billy + Margot® come about?

Billy + Margot® was founded by Marie Jones, a passionate dog parent and experienced canine nutritionist. Marie started making Iced Treats for her beloved Labrador, Billy, who suffered from the heat. After perfecting the recipe and conducting extensive research into the pet food industry, Marie was ready to start her business. In 2012, she successfully applied to appear on the BBC program, Dragons’ Den, and three months later found herself on the program and accepting an offer of funding and support from one of the ‘dragons’, Deborah Meaden. Soon after, Billy + Margot® Iced Treats went into full production and received considerable positive acclaim. Over the years, Marie has expanded the range to include dry, wet and chilled dog food, as well as several other exciting treats. She is passionately focused on sourcing only the finest quality meats, superfoods and holistic ingredients. Today, the Billy + Margot® range continues to grow, and deliver happiness to dogs, and peace of mind for loving pet parents. Read the full story here.

Q: What makes Billy + Margot® different to other dog food?
Every product that features the Billy + Margot® logo has been lovingly and carefully created by our founder, Marie Jones. It was Marie’s special and unbreakable bond with her Labradors, Billy and Margot, that led her to create these unique recipes with delicious and carefully selected ingredients, and packed with fresh or raw protein and superfoods for maximum health and vitality.
How to feed Billy + Margot® to your dog
Q: What is the Circle of Nutrition?

On every Billy + Margot® product, we have included our proprietary Circle of Nutrition. This is a handy tool which Marie has created to help you create the ideal diet for your dog. You can use this circle to understand the role of each type of food, explore different tastes, textures and formats for feeding time, and see how all of the different products within the Billy + Margot® range work together. The sections include:

  1. Sustain – Quality, complete and balanced dry food and water are the foundation of your dog’s nutrition.

  2. Enhance – Wet food looks, tastes and smells more like real poultry, meat and fish to bring taste and variety for your dog’s enjoyment.

  3. Connect – Fun, delicious and nutritious treats reward good behaviour and help you build a strong bond with your dog – making every occasion a special one.

  4. Thrive – Chilled foods are freshly prepared and minimally processed. Less cooking means more of the natural goodness is retained – the pinnacle of healthy nutrition.
Q: How should I introduce a new food into my dog’s diet?

Like humans, dogs may take some time to get used to a new taste or texture. Whenever you feed a dog something new, it’s important to transition the food over 14 days. If a dog is currently primarily on a dry food diet, we suggest mixing the existing food with the new food at first, and gradually introducing the percentage of the new flavour or texture over time.

Q: What ingredients are used in Billy + Margot® products?

Each protein selected for Billy + Margot® is chosen for its unique nutritional attributes, as well as its rich, delicious flavour. Marie has also selected a unique blend of superfoods which are used across different products, including sweet potato, coconut oil, blueberries, flaxseeds, kale, Manuka honey, cranberries, turmeric root, chicory root and yucca. See which specific ingredients are used in each of our products here.

Q: Does Billy + Margot® use real meat?

Absolutely. We use either raw or fresh meat in our products, and across our range you’ll find a variety of delicious animal proteins, including salmon, lamb, chicken, wild kangaroo, wild boar, wild venison and duck. We have strong partnerships with our suppliers, and use only quality produce that delivers maximum nutritional benefits.