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By Marie Jones. Nutritionist. Dog Lover.

As well as being a passionate and loving pet parent, Marie Jones is a certified and highly experienced canine nutritionist.

In 2004, Marie’s adorable, laid back and big pawed black Labrador puppy, Billy, was born. Billy felt like Marie’s soulmate from day one and was always by her side.

Marie took him to work with her each day, and everyone who came into contact with Billy loved him. An ice-cream van would often come to their place of work on a regular basis and, of course, someone would often end up buying Billy an ice-cream.

During those years Marie was completing her degree in nutrition and was particularly careful about what she and Billy ate. Human ice-cream was not on the list of good food for dogs. However, having studied dogs’ cooling mechanisms, Marie knew that licking something icy was a great way for a dog to cool down. With his thick black coat, Billy suffered from the heat, so Marie would often try to find ways to keep him cool. This included making her own Iced Treats, which is when the Billy + Margot® brand unofficially came to life.

When Billy was six, he got a sister Margot, who came along just in time to be assistant taste-tester for Marie’s homemade Iced Treats. After perfecting the recipe and conducting extensive research into the pet food industry, Marie was ready to start her business. In January 2012, she successfully applied to appear on the BBC program, Dragons’ Den, and three months later found herself on the program and accepting an offer of funding and support from one of the ‘dragons’, Deborah Meaden.

Soon after, Billy + Margot® Iced Treats went into full production and received considerable positive acclaim.

Over the years, Marie has expanded the range to include dry, wet and chilled dog food, as well as several other exciting treats. She is passionately focused on natural canine nutrition, creating grain-free products for dogs, and sourcing only the finest quality meats, superfoods and holistic ingredients.

As the range is constantly expanding and growing, Marie has also created the Billy + Margot® Circle of Nutrition, to help pet parents explore new options and provide dogs with the variety and interest they crave.

Today, the Billy + Margot® range continues to grow, and is loved by countless dogs, and their loving parents.