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Shannon - Soft coated wheaten terrier

Shannon – Soft coated wheaten terrier

Written by Sandie – Attached are two photos of my Lil Man; he is a 9 year old Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier.  He seems to be intolerant to chicken and chicken based stuff. Popcorn review Thank you for my bag of popcorn with seaweed, received Monday 4th March.   Mom gave me some last night […]

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Rosie - Staffie

Rosie – Staffie

Written by Bec – Rosie our 11 year old rescue staffie has been with us for the last 9 years. She loves trying new treats and different taste and textues, she loved the vension marrow bones, kept her quiet for hours Popcorn review Thank you so much for sending the bag of popcorn with seaweed […]

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Scuzz - Leonberger

Scuzz – Leonberger

Written by Lesley – Scuzz is a Leonberger – Sadly Scuzz injured himself somehow when he was 4 months old and was left with a hock that slips, so his show career never happened but he loves swimming, running in the fields and is a joy to have. Popcorn review: Woof Marie After having the […]

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Jasper - Flat coated retriever

Jasper – Flat coated retriever

Written by Sarah. Jasper already loves your venison treats, which we discovered at Paws in the Park. Like many flatcoats he is lactose intolerant so he can’t eat ice cream but he would love to sample your ‘ice cream’ for dogs. I feed him a raw food diet, high in protein so your venison treats […]

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Written by Trish – Hello my name is Dice I am seven and a half years young!!  I am told that I am quite rare in the UK because I have two blue eyes, which people do remember me by! I have always been fed a dry food which Mummy & Daddy mix with some […]

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Timmi - Whippet x patterdale


Written by Lottie – Timmi here. I am a very sweet little chappie. Much smaller than I look in my photos (or so everyone tells me) and I’ve heard mum talking to people who say I’m a bit of a looker! Popcorn review I received your tasting sample of your fabulous dog popcorn recently (thanks!). […]

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Tasha (Standard Scnauzer)

Tasha – Schnazer

Written by Jo – Tasha is a 10 year old standard schnauzer who we rescued in summer 2011. She is completely blind due to autoimmune disease. She does not play with toys, so food and treats are a very important part of Tasha’s day. We have to be careful what we give her as she […]

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Roger - Long haired miniature Dachsund

Roger Clark – Dachsund

Written by Tara – This is Roger Clark the long haired minature Dachsund. Nick named as Sir Rog his of a noble nature and taste. He’s recently been having troubles with allergies and so having found Billy + Margot at Discover Dogs, we’re found the venison treats invaluable! He’s almost back on a full diet […]

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Jinty – JRT

Written by Jeanna – This is Jinty the JRT. She works very hard at learning tricks for HTM, obedience and flyball, has won best Non-Pedigree in show as well as Best Trick a few times. She loves her treats, her fave (always used at obedience shows) is your venison liver.           […]

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Dingo - Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever

Dingo – Retriever

Written by Yulia – My ‘pup’ Dingo is a Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever (21 months old), he is my show dog, so we’ll see you at Crufts, he LOVES food) He runs towards the fridge every time it opens as there is his frozen treats from you))) My other dog Jack is a rescued […]

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