Our Commitment

1. Food you can trust

As a Nutritionist, I was worried that my dogs were eating the wrong ingredients when eating my ice cream. After all, dogs will be dogs and they have different nutritional needs to humans! I started my company to give our beloved dogs Billy & Margot a frozen treat that was good for them and just for them. I wanted them to have the option to indulge, without ingesting nasty chemicals. My iced treats are based on pure, authentic and honest ingredients with an emphasis on good health.

I haven’t cut any corners or made any compromises – ingredients are clearly chosen for their health benefits and great taste.  Ask Margot our chef taster!  Now I know that I can give my dogs a frozen treat without worrying about their health and I can eat my own ice cream without feeling guilty that they can’t have their own.

2. Nutrition

We take a genuine personal interest in your pet’s health. Each ingredient has been selected carefully. Our iced treats always pass the ‘suitable for human consumption’ test (yes, I have tried them myself!).  They are made with the highest quality ingredients we can find and we don’t buy anything that we wouldn’t be happy to eat ourselves.

Suitable for all breeds from the age of 14 weeks, the range is free from dairy, grains, artificial sweeteners, artificial flavourings, preservatives, colourings, soya and wheat gluten. Despite all of that, should your dog experience any change in gastro-intestinal function, we recommend you discontinue giving your dog our iced treats.

All recipes contain pure fruit and vegetable purée, aloe vera juice and flaxseed oil.

3. Dog treats and obesity

Just as humans who overeat and avoid exercise can develop a weight problem, so can dogs. Obesity in dogs can cause health problems due to stress on the joints and internal organs and may ultimately lead to a shortened life if the problem is not taken care of properly. If you suspect that your dog may be overweight, there are steps you can take to help it return to an ideal weight and live a healthy life. Treats should be consumed on occasions and not form part of your dog’s staple diet.

4. The environment

We strive to reduce the environmental impact of my business as much as possible and we work with local businesses in order to reduce ‘dog food miles’. Where possible we buy packaging made from recycled materials. Our iced treats do not contain controversial palm oil, instead we use coconut oil from sustainable sources. Please see our Q&A section on palm oil vs coconut oil for more information.

We support the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention (APOP).
Association for Pet Obesity Prevention