Meet Our Suppliers

We work with a small group of trusted producers and suppliers and have developed long-term relationships with a number of family run businesses and strategic partners who have similar core values to Billy + Margot.

New Forest Ice Cream based in Lymington – Hampshire


New Forest Ice Cream

New Forest Ice Cream was founded 29 years ago by Lawrie and Sue Jenman. Now all of the family, together with a growing, highly skilled and dedicated team, manufacture consistent, top quality, great tasting ice cream for customers nationwide. They are also very aware of their responsibility as part of the local community and the environment in the beautiful New Forest area. Some practical examples of this include, active involvement in local charitable work, staff car sharing schemes and various carbon footprint reduction initiatives. It is their policy to avoid artificial colourings, flavourings and other additives. They also avoid GM ingredients in all of their products.

PopcornMakingPopcorn from Cornpoppers in the Midlands

Our GM free popcorn is air popped. Cornpoppers are one of the very few companies in the UK which have the facility to air pop corn rather than use the more commonly used technique of using oil.

Uist Asco Seaweed – Scottish producer of seaweed for our popcorn


Uist Asco Ltd., on North Uist in the Outer Hebrides, have recently opened a state of the art processing plant powered by renewable energy to dry Ascophyllum nodosum (bladderwrack) seaweed for agricultural industries including animal feed.

Managing Director Raghnall MacIain said, “Our plant has been designed specially to dry seaweed using biomass as a fuel source. Heat is generated from burning wood-chip produced in our own forest, this heat is then transferred via a heat exchanger. The heat exchanger allows the seaweed to be dried without having any contact with a direct flame which can degrade the seaweeds beneficial value. The culmination of five years work has got us here and we are able to ensure the product we are producing is second to none. The shores of North Uist are some of the cleanest in the UK, this combined with a rigorous analysis program means we are able to ensure the product meets buyers expectations. All seaweed harvesting is carried out by hand and we have developed a cropping plan to ensure the product is sustainable. Our process is monitored closely by the Soil Association and the Agricultural Industries Federation ensuring the product meets all of the buyer’s requirements.”